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Remember You

Did you see me standing there alone,
nervous, shaking wreck that I was?
Did you know how much it meant to me
when you pulled me from the mud?

Angelic woman, I hope you did,
for your actions deserve my utmost praise.
I’ll never be the same again.
I’ll remember you for the rest of my days.

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Speckled and Sewn

Our flesh has been speckled
with change, those moments
that at the time seemed
microscopic, yet are now sewn
into the fabric of our character.

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She cries before sleep,
every night it’s the same.
The men have all left,
and the heartaches remain.

To share in adventure,
what a faraway dream.
To be fought for and loved,
crucial part of a team.

Her value is greater
than what she’s been told.
Captivating and kind,
yet her hope’s become cold.

O Lord, lavish strength
on her weary soul.
Help her to realize
she’s so beautiful.

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Wild at Heart

Asleep at the wheel,
his life is like that.
Stripped of adventure,
existence quite flat.

No battles to fight,
no beauty to win.
It doesn’t seem right,
wearing a fake grin.

How did it happen?
Where was the wrong turn?
Car keeps on moving
while his wounds still burn.

God, give him courage
to be wild at heart.
With Your grace there is
always a new start.

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Pray for Tomorrow

Who is the man I’ll be tomorrow?
Only God knows that for certain.
So today I pray, devoid of sorrow:
protect me from the oily serpent.

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Teach Me Goodness

O Lord, my rock,
my love, my all,
keep me grounded
so I don’t fall.

O Lord, my God,
my strength, my hope,
throughout hardships
help me to cope.

O Lord, my joy,
my song, my guide,
teach me goodness
cut off from pride.

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American Voter

I’m digging in my shabby pocket,
searching for a pinch of change.
Not enough to make a difference,
but enough to become disengaged.

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She arrives like a downpour,
and comforts as the moon.
Inspiring those around her,
her beam never too soon.

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Grace We Share

It starts with a word,
without making sense.
Then hearing begins,
filtered through a fence.

The little hate required
is fanned until there’s flame.
It’s been done before,
just called a different name.

Oh Lord, save us all
from giving in to fear.
Fill us with thought
and draw our hearts near.

What will break the cycle
but Your most tender care?
Through the pain and hardship
I can see the grace we share.

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Electric blue,
modest brown.
You’re the water,
I’m the ground.

With your love flowers
sprout from my sight.
Better than cool rain,
your eyes pure light.

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