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Early morning battle
has buried the day’s remains,
afternoon and evening
pulsing through night’s veins.

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God Is Love

I placed your beliefs in a cardboard box,
sealed the top with a thick piece of tape.
I swore I had won because you had lost,
but then I realized God’s only one shape.

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Mutual Disconnect

We’ve grown apart.
Our paths have changed.
Two intact hearts
with brand new names.

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Tired Tale

He’s looking for a reason to quit.
Just about any words will suffice.
He’s lost his drive, tiny bit by bit.
His heart’s become as cold as ice.

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The stairway of gold
leading up to your heart
is worth infinite steps
and each poisonous dart.

Let them say what they wish.
I pray we don’t end.
They can’t see the whole picture.
We’re numbers to them.

Love is at the center
of all the plans we’ve made.
Place your hand in mine.
The wild river we shall wade.

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Honey and Chocolate

The moon the color of honey,
and your mouth the taste of chocolate.

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What We Have Here

I love you, dear,
not just in words.
What we have here,
it sings as birds.

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September leaves,
the birth of autumn.
Red, gold thieves
from top to bottom.

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Perfect Chase

The snake’s gaze pierces me,
digging in my chest.
Planting dangerous seeds,
devouring my best.

I feel the poison trickling in,
my smile fading as the day.
With only night and foolish sin,
I find I do not wish to pray.

Facing terrible dreams alone,
I then long for rest inside Your arms.
The beast has cut me to the bone.
Lord, keep my lukewarm soul from harm.

How many times have I fallen from grace?
You’ve sought me out continually.
I must not flee from Your perfect chase.
Your love fits me so beautifully.

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Safe Place

The cloud we’re sitting on
while we observe the shore
has become the safe place
from which our hearts pour.

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