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These traditions that are fit
for the public’s vast consumption,
sometimes they wish to quit,
never mind all the assumptions.

I’m not who I am.
Who I am is who I’m not.
Shovel out the jam,
and leave me there to rot.

Carve a smile on my face.
I couldn’t care any less.
The light inside is fake.
Deep down, it’s a mess.

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This We Do Know

Where have we gone?
Where will we go?
It’s in God’s hands.
Our faith will show.

I pray we’ll stand
up to the crowd
if they should land
a deathly blow.

The fight is long,
our love is wide.
Trust in the Lord,
this we do know.

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Our Song

We dance to the song we’re writing ourselves,
a work still in progress but it’s going oh so well.

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Part of the Story

This balance we’ve struck and care for so tenderly
is a gift from the Lord that will not fade from memory.

This love bestowed upon us is truly a blessing,
making each of our fears worth all of the wrestling.

This grace we don’t deserve and yet hold in our hearts
is the life-giving blood of our sacred, inward parts.

This opportunity to serve in ways we couldn’t imagine
is only part of the story God has put into action.

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Game of Life

Rock, paper, scissors.
Life is summed up here.
The losers and the winners.
Advantages and fear.

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Calculating Love

How many times
have I fallen for you?
I can think of more times
than simply a few.

If love was measured by
the amount of pain absorbed,
I’d be the one to love you
more than anyone before.

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Wooden Chair

I glue myself into the wooden chair,
force myself to make an alteration,
and if you pass, you’ll see me there,
out of sorts, without a destination.

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Love in Vain

The surrendering leaves
offer their beauty
to the biting months
who don’t know
how to love.

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Bit by Bit

I desire change,
people will claim,
but then they go
and do the same.

What gets us stuck?
Is fear to blame?
Or maybe comfort,
the familiar way.

It isn’t a mistake
if repeated many times.
A habit of wrongdoing
can keep us all confined.

How does one break free?
Routine is hard to quit.
But if one has the will,
it can crumble bit by bit.

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Gary’s Passing

One month since the conclusion
of your valiant ninth life.

It was hard to watch you pass.
My voice cracked like an egg,

eyes spilling yolky tears.
But I’m glad you weren’t alone

in taking your final breath
before the stillness set in.

My hand was on your shoulder.
I hope it made a difference.

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