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These traditions that are fit
for the public’s vast consumption,
sometimes they wish to quit,
never mind all the assumptions.

I’m not who I am.
Who I am is who I’m not.
Shovel out the jam,
and leave me there to rot.

Carve a smile on my face.
I couldn’t care any less.
The light inside is fake.
Deep down, it’s a mess.

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This We Do Know

Where have we gone?
Where will we go?
It’s in God’s hands.
Our faith will show.

I pray we’ll stand
up to the crowd
if they should land
a deathly blow.

The fight is long,
our love is wide.
Trust in the Lord,
this we do know.

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Our Song

We dance to the song we’re writing ourselves,
a work still in progress but it’s going oh so well.

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Part of the Story

This balance we’ve struck and care for so tenderly
is a gift from the Lord that will not fade from memory.

This love bestowed upon us is truly a blessing,
making each of our fears worth all of the wrestling.

This grace we don’t deserve and yet hold in our hearts
is the life-giving blood of our sacred, inward parts.

This opportunity to serve in ways we couldn’t imagine
is only part of the story God has put into action.

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Game of Life

Rock, paper, scissors.
Life is summed up here.
The losers and the winners.
Advantages and fear.

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Calculating Love

How many times
have I fallen for you?
I can think of more times
than simply a few.

If love was measured by
the amount of pain absorbed,
I’d be the one to love you
more than anyone before.

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Wooden Chair

I glue myself into the wooden chair,
force myself to make an alteration,
and if you pass, you’ll see me there,
out of sorts, without a destination.

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