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We Tried

Sing, o sing dear woman,
your voice is the music to which
my heart does beat.

Sink, o sink poor lover,
the water we tried to swim in
was far too deep.

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Precious Dove

She’s a ten for sure,
no one would argue different.
Beautiful and pure,
so thoughtful and deliberate.

Wherever she does go,
light will surely come, no cost.
In every rain and snow,
sun’s memory will not be lost.

Piece by piece, that puzzle fits,
digging poems in the sand.
No pencils here, just tiny sticks
fitting words inside her hand.

Emotions ebb and flow, they do,
hearts in bottles of breaking glass.
But still the love gracefully moves,
past the point of desirable grass.

Her soul will rest on clouds above,
seeking out the day in store.
The morning prayer, a precious dove
discerning what can’t be ignored.

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Air Pressure

This pressure to pull stories
out of the thick air
is why I wake each morning
happy and prepared.

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Falling, I’ve mentioned it before.
Crawling, like a baby on the floor.

Sometimes I wish that I could return
to nonexistence, away from the world.

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Just Know I Care

He’s gotten inside of your head,
caused you pain and caused you fear.
If there’s ever anything I can do,
let me know, honey, and I’ll be here.

We’ll fight these battles together
should you ever feel shattered, alone.
I’d never want to force the issue,
but just know I care about your soul.

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In the Dark

I’m no longer a man
fighting for your heart,
just a tired phantom
breathing in the dark.

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Don’t Think

The chess match continues on…
don’t think about anything
but remaining a pawn.

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My body is a mess,
but that doesn’t mean
that pure joy is lost
to the things unseen.

I’ll continue to fight
for what I believe.
No darkness of night
could bid my hope leave.

This continual wrestling,
it’s worth every ounce
of strength I possess
as God’s trumpet sounds.

If He continues calling,
I’ll answer, armed and ready.
It’s true, I am a warrior,
my faith by Him made steady.

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Nestled under blankets,
reading her pleasant words.
My heart is overwhelmed
by the warmth inside of her.

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Fleeting Love

Ravaged by the fall,
eternity embraced.
Before we knew it all,
externally too late.

Kiss me, fleeting love,
eternity discarded.
Ignoring songs above,
internally unguarded.

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