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When You Do Depart

Our bond has grown steady
during these transformative years.
And when you do depart,
I pray God takes away your fears.

Yes, be fearless and go forth;
I know you’ll fulfill all of your dreams.
It’s going to be a lot of work,
but freeing to finally spread your wings.

Your talent is remarkable.
Your drive is something few people own.
As you start the car to leave,
you have many cheering for you back home.

So move forward, and don’t look back.
Share your gift with this world of ours.
Through six strings and a beautiful heart,
seal up the mouth that often devours.

I’ll think about you every minute,
my soul overjoyed with who you are.
On the road to earned success,
your determination will take you far.

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By Tomorrow

The rope burn of it all makes me
never want to love again,
though I know that by tomorrow
I’ll be asking for her hand.

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Black Mark

Stifled feelings,
words held back.
They make me cry,
oh how I lack.

Is it me,
or is it you?
This black mark
on what we do.

Burning question,
killing trees
until the forest
is on its knees.

Faith is fine,
but fear, it takes.
Will we learn
from our mistakes?

Sixteen flames
before the house
collapses down,
surrounding us.

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Hearts of Fire

Melting snow upon hearts of fire,
passion making winter perspire.

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Little Love

I came across deserted roads,
looking to unwind my heart.
There you stood, so far from home,
the only light among the dark.

If life has taught me anything,
it’s knowing when to turn away.
But with the little love it brings,
your smile, I’m inclined to stay.

O bitterness, depart from here.
O fallen stars, ascend once more.
Choices should not be based on fear,
so don’t retreat when rain does pour.

Dance beneath the stormy clouds.
Hold your peace close to your chest.
Listen for the welcome sounds.
They’ll come before you at your best.

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If Only

All I can write about in the present
is the past, if only to make it
to the future intact.

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Inside Out

Cloaked in worry,
adorned with jewels.
Inside, afraid.
Outside, these fools.

She’s seen it all,
or at least that’s how it feels.
My spirit is drained
while my flesh cracks and peels.

A letter written
isn’t the same as one sent.
We wait for the other,
but he said what he meant.

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Words on Christmas

Christmastime, you have my heart.
Our Savior’s birth, we celebrate.
This cheerful feeling won’t depart.
For Your return, we cannot wait.

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Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, blue eyes.
They’ll be the breath in me.
Blue eyes, blue eyes.
They’ve come to set me free.

Will they be altering waves,
or peaceful water by the shore?
Will they make me want to pay
attention to the grace in store?

Two parts wild,
three parts calm.
Two parts mild,
three parts strong.

I’ll pursue that splendid ocean
with all the will I have inside.
I harbor no mixed-up emotions,
only love, deep and blue-eyed.

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Thoughts in Pairs

Will I get the chance to be
inside her heart, love’s company?

I don’t know why, but lately I
have thoughts in pairs, two stars aligned.

Commas separate our hope
as time does pass, but I will cope.

There’s so much that can’t be known,
and no human love is set in stone.

But all the same, I’ll try my best,
for life’s a shame when life’s the past.

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