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Whole Man

This pursuit of money,
I don’t understand.
With love sweet as honey,
I am a whole man.

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All to Prayer

When words get in the way
of what we’ve held so dear,
I surrender all to prayer,
hoping that love stays near.

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Four Souls, Recorded

Hello hello! Here’s my recording of Four Souls. I’ve been feeling more comfortable reading my work lately, so hopefully that shows through in this one. Thank you for taking the time to listen! ❤

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For Skotty

Given up, he hurts himself,
trying to dig out the pain.
The snow falls down, but doesn’t stick,
the lovely mixing with the rain.

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Running Out

Are these words predictable?
Am I running out of thoughts?
At times it strongly feels that way.
As if I’m bound to remain lost.

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If My Life Was a Game

The thirst is quenched.
The hunger is satisfied.
Sadness is benched.
Sheer joy is qualified.

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To Be Your Servant

Lord, You deserve my time,
my effort, and my love.
Just to be Your servant
will be more than enough.

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