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Fought for Me

You’ve been rushing through the woods,
the trees a constant blur.
But don’t you think it’s reckless,
this killing what we were?

You’re free to go as you wish.
I wouldn’t dream of holding on.
Through this entire mess,
you wouldn’t dream of commitment.

You should have fought for me.
If not then, then now.
Maybe you don’t realize how rare
these things are somehow.

I’m tired, and I need rest
from flimsy feelings just like yours.
I’m the most wonderful man you know,
then we’re speeding way off course.

Your words are beautiful;
your actions not so much.
Tell me dear, am I a fool
for believing we’d found love?

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Before the Crash

A shadow ‘cross these freeway lanes
makes me feel quite terrified.
The meager lights of other cars
are a small comfort to my mind.

I’ve seen the crash before it comes,
but then again, I float along.
The music from the radio
is more a warning, less a song.

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My Recording of Rib

Hey! I just recorded a piece I wrote about a year and a half ago called Rib. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s a “poor me” poem, so make sure you feel at least a little bit sorry for me as you listen. 😉 Love you all!

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Just because the rain is falling
doesn’t mean the sun isn’t
still warming the sky.

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Irrational Me

My heart is tossing and turning
and hopelessly burning,

filled with a passion that’s true
for lovely, irrational you.

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I feel like such a fool
for thinking we’d be more.
It’s as if we were a dream of mine,
and I woke up on the floor.

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Hide and Seek

If my faith could move a mountain,
what would I find beneath its mass?
Let’s not talk about the obvious,
but the things that’d come to pass.

I’d be known for my great strength,
though deep down I’d still feel weak.
I’d be existing as a lie,
playing hide and seek with fate.

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Child’s Song

Sometimes I feel naive, so gullible,
like I don’t even belong.
I’ve been through much, yet little.
Let me sing my child’s song.

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Grace in the Storm

God, give me the strength
to surrender all of me,
to show grace in the storm,
to love my enemy.

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I’ll Take the Blame

Where the fuck can I
go from where I’ve been?
Half-hearted goodbyes
and another frozen grin.

Does love care how I’ll feel
when you choose to leave again?
Will it massage the sting
of a heart not on the mend?

I’ll take the blame,
the parts that aren’t mine.
You won’t do the same,
but I’ll still be fine.

A song before
your sleep at night,
the hollow breaths
in faded light.

You need me more than him,
but that’s little comfort now.
I miss the way we talked,
tender speech almost a vow.

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