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Every Four

An extra day
March has to wait
to be reborn
with every four.

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The Painter

Even after my head stops spinning,
I love you in these countless ways.
Regardless of whether I’m righteous or sinning,
you move the paint with which I praise.

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To Herself

She keeps her feelings to herself,
afraid of making waters swell.

She doesn’t want to be the waves
disrupting fragile, quiet ways.

She sits in silence, quite alone
while her heart becomes a sinking stone.

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Inside My Head

I’m almost out of time,
at least inside my head.
These stifling deadlines
have me hanging by a thread.

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What is this,
this hopelessness?
Free us from
that noxious kiss.

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Last year brought
such unfair pain.
It made me fear
the unknown’s name.

There I curled up
in my cocoon.
But You led me out
of all my gloom.

Thank You, Lord
for healing me.
Thank You for
Your empathy.

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The little fire left in me
is holding on for dearest life.
You’re water, oh the irony.
I thought you would refresh my sight.

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She wanted to fly,
while he wanted to stay,
so they made a compromise
and they went their separate ways.

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Meant for Soaring

O whisp’ring birds,
shout out your stories.
I’m on the ground,
but meant for soaring.

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This empty space,
this wilderness
is all that’s left
of my fruitless hope.

I puff out my chest,
put on a scowl,
pretending I don’t care
in order to cope.

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