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For fifty years you’ve shone on earth.
Here’s to many more, dear mother.
Compared to your most vibrant beauty,
rainbows are just dull bands of color.


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I could give you a million
reasons to stay,
but I’ll just remain silent
as you walk away.

Love isn’t an argument
or a heated debate;
if I have to convince you
then it’s gotten too late.

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Friendships Emerge

New friendships emerge
from a state far away,
making this rainy place
more bearable today.

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Blue Room

I need to pull away from you,
and though it’s hard, it’s the sad truth.
If I’m to continue to bloom,
I can’t return to a blue room.

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Excuse my cold shoulder;
I’ll excuse your frozen heart.
As we’ve become older,
we’ve split and shifted apart.

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Rebel Darling

I’m a rebel, darling.
Let’s get that straight.
Rising, not falling.
Love will overcome hate.

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God, Give Me

God, give me passion for the things I believe in.
God, give me grace when I fail miserably.
God, give me strength when human love is leaving.
God, give me sight if it’s too dark to see.

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