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We complain about the path
that the country is taking,
but we remain ignorant
because learning is draining.

These shitholes and sinkholes
are giving us wrinkles,
and still we sleep through
twenty years like Van Winkle.

They say the second amendment
is under attack
because some people think
guns don’t mix with Prozac.

So we play our trump card,
but it leaves us the loner.
With each day that passes
it feels more like a joker.

How many times
have we actually tried
to practice what we preach
and influence the tide?

They say love will prevail,
but we’ll have to make changes.
It isn’t some sort of
hero inside pages.

It seems to be naive
to care for each other,
treating one another
as sisters and brothers.

Our voices are useless
if we sit on our hands,
expect things to improve
while we never take stands.

They say timing is crucial.
Well the clocks are cruel rivals.
Focus on their faces,
and we’re dead on arrival.


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A smile behind closed doors.
He’s got them in his palm.
Outrageous statements galore.
Oh where the fuck is calm?

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Give me what
I’ve never had:
a person who loves
me for who I am.

It’s always this feeling
of not being good enough,
unworthy of being fought for
with a valiant love.

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We take from one another,
the things we need, then leave.
What sort of romance is this?
These sword fights make us bleed.

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If I color outside the lines,
does that make me a rebel?

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When the bell does toll,
when the rain does fall,
will you stand beside me
and declare love above all?

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Love, Murdered

We didn’t die
of natural causes.
Our love was murdered,
such unfair losses.

Wouldn’t you say
that much is true?
It’s not as if
you haven’t a clue.

Give yourself more credit,
and eradicate your fear.
Find a place where you can see
all you once held dear.

This living inside ignorance
for the sake of innocence
is bound to make you guilty
of embracing dissonance.

We didn’t die
of natural causes.
Our love was butchered,
no gentle pauses.

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