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Peace Is Found

I tried to deny it in the past,
but here’s the truth: I need You, Lord.
As earthly life goes by too fast,
peace is found in Your steadfast form.

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Crushing Love

You waited for me patiently,
and now I see your suffering.
What you endured, I’m so sorry.
I hear the gray mouth thundering.

Protection from the violent storm,
the least I could provide for you.
When crushing love becomes the norm,
I pray that gray will redeem blue.

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The mad rush to get somewhere
is killing journeys left and right.
Scenery is just as crucial
in making sure we keep fair sight.

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May Flower

As the flower starts to lose its color,
the hand strangling it turns bright red.
Look at all the shades, o lover,
such differing shades of things unsaid.

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Tender Fields

With you the road I take is sweet,
through tender fields of growing wheat.

You’re the constant sun, the faithful moon;
my body can’t help but revolve around you.

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Quad Negative

I don’t care anymore.
I tried but you didn’t.
I can’t ignore facts.
What I want just isn’t.

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The offbeat piano
shoots chills down my spinal cord,
conjuring unknown
markings ‘cross this Ouija board.

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