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They Never Told Me

They said I’m foolish to be waiting,
that I should let go of belief.
But they never told me what it’s like
to feel the guilt of being a thief.

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Long Division

These photographs of you and him,
what lovely romance in the past.
The clouds arrived, the sky turned grim,
your coupled hearts not meant to last.

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Love by Post

Words, hand-written,
addressed to you.
They contain my love,
darling, it’s true.

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You’re the expert,
so teach me please.
The sun behind
the clouds, a tease.

Angels depart,
God knows where to.
Will we forget
to cherish truth?

If what we do
reflects our flesh,
does spirit mean
we second guess?

I do not know
of whom you preach.
You’re the expert,
so please do teach.

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What Doesn’t Kill

If we became one
once again,
would we be stronger
than before?

Sometimes hardship
forgives sin,
a little longer,
then we’re more.

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Sham of a Love

Our words of love were nice,
but only half of them were true.
My own did not suffice,
while yours just left me blue.

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Tapa Fidi

The scenery has changed,
and along with it my politics.
Past ideas seem so strange,
as do each of the old cliques.

Fighting wars of words on deeds
is only helpful to the few.
Distractions here to serve their greed,
inside jokes slandering truth.

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Will Be Done

When the rains of what
isn’t to be
have finally doused my
foolish fire,

I’ll still sing praises
Your will be done
is my desire.

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The one who says I’m too good for her
is the one
who makes me feel like I’m never good

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Some Sign

I’ve waited here for much too long,
praying for some sign to come.
Honest words don’t leave your tongue,
the lies you think won’t be undone.

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