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Rope’s End

When we feel we’ve reached the end
of our frayed and tattered rope,
will we give up on our friendship
or continue on in hope?

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Aching for more than
fleeting gratification,
he prays to God and
finds the strength to surrender
to His lasting will and plans.

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The alluring scent of the lilies
riding on the wind’s shoulders
brushes by, then fades, softly.

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The truth finally strikes me:
you didn’t care
and still don’t now.

You’re the biggest disappointment,
you didn’t fight
for who you found.

How can this be justified?
Your decisions
destroyed our vow.

Lies wear many costumes,
while the truth
is one pure sound.

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What more can I tell you about
this room I’ve spent all of my time in?
The world outside is just a myth,
so why waste hours being enlightened?

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Here’s my latest sound for y’all. I recited my poem I Should Know Better at an open mic last week, and it was well-received, so I decided to record it. I hope you like it (and don’t mind a little swearing. haha).

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Will you allow me the opportunity
to show you a fine evening,
dinner beneath vast swaths of stars,
listening to nature breathing?

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