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Still Breathing

Our love is not dust
scattered by the wind.
It’s a body still breathing
buried beneath sin.

The flashes of heartbeats,
listen, can you hear them?
Faint gunshots, so distant
but through it, the rhythm.

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Of Love

The God I serve is one of love.
It courses through His very veins.
At times judgmental, I fail us.
But His forgiving heart remains.

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Nightmares We Feed

Nightmares we create
and feed through our fear
will satiate hate
and allow angst to steer.

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Our Love Continues

the sun is setting
but our love
continues to rise

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Timing, Tamed

Timing determines fate
just as much as effort
But timing can be tamed
if fear becomes severed
from minds.

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Give me an inch of space,
and I’ll line up to take my aim.
This jump shot is deadly,
so your D better be the same.

Swish, nothin’ but twine.
Nothin’ but a long-range blast.
The sky is rainin’ threes.
Damn, I’m droppin’ bombs so fast.

The score is runnin’ up for me,
eleven to zero, twenty to five.
This winnin’ big never gets old.
I take the ball, just one more driveā€¦

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The Point

the point when one
stops worrying about
what other people think

is the point

at which true freedom
of soul can begin
its journey again

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