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Another Page

A stiff expression,
no hint of grace.
Unlike her smile,
the warmest face.

He brings her down,
sometimes succeeds.
But I know she will
rise from his deeds.

She’s growing now,
I see the change.
Standing in awe,
my heart feels strange.

Beautiful words
about her written.
On another page
I admit I’m smitten.


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The First Act

Blowing smoke is much too easy,
so why select that tired path?
Abandon all your fearful speech,
and this time choose to act.

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Without Strings

I choose to love you
without strings,
but that doesn’t mean
they don’t exist.
I’ll give you my all,
my everything,
even though my
feelings do persist.

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Peace Internal

praying in silence
even as the noisy world
goes on arguing

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The regularity
of the clock’s hands
is a comfort if
one enjoys routine,

but what kind
of existence is that,
pulled around
under safety’s guise?

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Almost Autumn

The grass that’s brown
will soon be green once more.
The almost-autumn rain
goes from light to a downpour.

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A New Poem of Mine

Hey! Here’s an itty bitty poem I wrote a couple weeks ago called Amaranth.

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