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A serious kind of love
can be terrifying,
but that shouldn’t stop us
from loving fearlessly.

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Words to Fake

How can what’s
joined together
hate in action,
put on a show
of words to fake
being in love?

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My feelings hang like butcher’s meat
on the hooks of your indifference,
rotting slabs not one will ever purchase.

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You’re the breeze
across my sunburned arms,
keeping me at ease
while the skin transforms.

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Afternoon in the Park

The wasp’s erratic flight
is a stark contrast to
the boy reading under a tree.

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Barren Love

Withstanding pain, she
rights herself,
endearing woman
ne’er sells.

Bigger heart than
any other,
river water
ne’er smother.

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Let this be the break of sunlight
on a day drenched in rain,
the reminder there’s more to living
than just getting over pain.

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