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Acting Presidential

Meaning behind
the look on his face
hiding disgust
for many a race.

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Shadow of 1692

Satan, that’s what they cry,
the accusations start to stick.
Guilty without being tried,
these idiots and magic tricks.

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time is swimming

the pressure to do it all
in a matter of short time
will do damage in the long run
when time is swimming in your eyes

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Fidelity, Recorded

Hey, all! I hope November has been a great month for you. Here’s a recording of an older poem of mine. Hope you like it! 🙂

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Slice the day in half,
add in who you want to be.
Existence, there’s no map,
so carve a path worth following.

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She Stirs

What is home without the comfort
of one’s warmth in close proximity?
What is home without the feeling
of falling in love with a location?

With her warmth ever nearby
I’m falling in love
with my chosen, blessed location.

I’m falling in love
with the way she stirs,
gently, in the belly of the night.

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Her breathing on my neck,
whispers I try to catch.
Like butterflies they fly away
and robins ‘ready hatched.

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What Have We Done?

We chose history
over history,
you know what I mean?
A path deep red
and blistering.

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Independent Thought

Admirable standards
tear away like fabric.
Sewing slowing down,
hoping for a maverick.

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On Choice

A decision like that
can never be easy,
so judgmental attacks
are totally sleazy.

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