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Had It Happened…

Sly, but not really
the aftermath of it all.
Profits over people,
bully pulpit building walls.

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Going through the motions
of what love should be.
Are we stalling demise,
breathing bodies from trees?

The silence is kind,
but the noise does insist
that we push away all
until speech does exist.

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My fingers caress
every inch of your skin,
warming both of us up.
How can this be sin?

The way your cheeks flush
is completely endearing.
Oh, darling you must know
that my heart is searing.

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Your sweet words,
tender as a dandelion
and just as fleeting.

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Truly Deeply

It pisses me off
that your name even comes up.
I have moved on.
Truly, I’ve fallen deeply in love.

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Have to Ask

My faith in God,
where has it gone?
Did it disappear,
or has it been here all along?

Maybe the fact
that I have to ask says all.
Straying from the flock,
a hard and graceless fall.

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Plot Twist Everyone Saw Coming

dry, breaking leaves
partial rainbow of colors
no longer breathing sky
earth delivering harsh reality

but then spring

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Before we die
in each other’s arms,
can we enjoy
just one more kiss?
Before death draws
our names like swords,
let’s let the blood
flow from our lips.

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Smiling Space

The weight of an impending demise
isn’t felt inside this smiling space.
Where there aren’t a thousand judging eyes
love’s allowed to take its rightful place.

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Flannel Camel

I fall in love too easily,
and then fall out of it too fast.
My stomach tightens queasily,
made worse by fear’s breath on the past.

Controlling oneself
no longer applies.
I can’t create cells,
put off my demise.

The humps of a camel,
a myth we believed.
Beneath sheets of flannel,
hard-pressed to come clean.

Efficiency over magic,
a myth of stored water.
Reality’s tragic,
but still I sought her.

I fell in love too fast,
and then fell out of it too easily.
Into blue eyes I cast,
dreaming large but sleeplessly.

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