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So Yesterday…

​was the last day I’ll be doing a daily post. From now on I’ll be putting up a new poem the 1st of every month, so look out for those. Thanks for your readership. 🙂

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Determined Faces

Will you walk beside me
into both great and bad?
Our determined faces shining,
moving forward hand in hand.

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The culmination within grasp,
evil sets his sight on more.
Even with the world aghast,
history a blood-stained floor.

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Never Lonely

Silence, only silence
through my nearly empty home.
Peaceful, never lonely
curling up with every tome.

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Bucket List

Just a drop left
in the bucket of the night.
Daylight an ocean
until about twelve hours’ time.

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Rhyming the same words
in a slightly different order.
Trying to say something new
inside the same border.

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Golden Ripples Rough

A plug, a pluck
off the earth once again,
golden ripples rough
against existence’s skin.

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