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Noise at 3:37am

You’re David Johnson.
If you had any friends they’d call you Dave.
Common as dirt kind of name. You’re Dave
and you’re cleaning your rifle.
You’re trying to clean your rifle but
Mitch in the apartment below you
has got his music on again.
Very loud. It’s 3:34am
and his music is too loud.
It’s distracting. It’s Satan.
That’s what religion does. You’re worried
the woman above you is going to accuse you
of what Mitch is doing.
That you’ll end up on the street
because of that asshole. It’s 3:35am
and you’re gonna kill him so you’re cleaning your rifle.
You’ve got hours to spare
but no elbow room for silence.
Mitch is noisy, inconsiderate.
The woman upstairs is nosey, illiterate.
And you’re Dave, sandwiched between them.
3:35am still. A second floor prisoner.
You’re David Johnson and you’ve finished cleaning your rifle.
Mitch had better be moving on.

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