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Let the sun dry up
the puddles our cloudy eyes
left on a city
that won’t rise early enough
to acknowledge its beauty.

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Lying to Myself

You’re just a woman
like so many in this world,
I keep repeating,
though the more I speak the words
the less convincing they sound.

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Synthetic Ethic

Airplanes of paper
soar above plastic forests,
hoping, wondering
if something real is allowed
to breathe here any longer.

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Amethyst sunrise
infiltrates ramparts of stone
mixed with blood sweat tears
extracting any desire
everything but creation

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The rain may wash the
blood from the grimy pavement,
but it will never
cleanse the city of the crime,
the specters that haunt the night.

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The heat follows us
wherever we try to hide,
quite comparable
to a blanket once cherished
in childhood so long ago.

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Waiting and waiting,
always waiting for a sign
that never appears
as opportunity keeps
passing my sorry shadow.

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