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I’ve been thinking about this poem a lot, and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Mr. Siken is an incredible poet who’s inspired me beyond imagination. If you haven’t read his work, I highly recommend it. This particular poem is from his latest collection War of the Foxes.

They went to the museum and wandered the
rooms. He saw a painting and stood in front of it
for too long. It was a few minutes before she
realized he had gotten stuck. He was stuck looking
at a painting. She stood next to him, looking at his
face and then the face in the painting. What do you
she asked. I don’t know, he said. He didn’t
know. She was disappointed, then bored. He was
looking at a face and she was looking at her watch.
This is where everything changed. There was now
a distance between them. He was looking at a face
but it might as well have been a cabbage or a
sugar beet. Perhaps it was something about yellow
near pink. He didn’t know how to say it. Years later
he still didn’t know how to say it, and she was gone.



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Hi, everyone! So earlier this week I started an Instagram for the photo poems I’ve been putting together. This is something I’ve had an interest in doing for some time, and I’m really excited to get things going. There’s only one posted at the moment, but I’ll be putting a new one up every Sunday and Wednesday from here on out. If you’d like to follow me on there, the link is below. Thanks, and I hope you all have a lovely day. 🙂


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Happy Friday, Friends!

Just wanted to share my amazingly talented sister’s music with all of you. I’m so proud of her and the success she’s been having over the past year in her endeavors. She’s an incredible musician, writing every song (music and lyrics) herself. You can find her on Amazon, Bandcamp, facebook, and iTunes (I’ll post the links below). Enjoy. 🙂





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So one of the things I really love about WordPress is the sense of community. Having fellow bloggers who consistently offer comments and support is truly a blessing. Though most are far away from my home in Seattle, I feel like I’ve become close to many on here over the past four years. The opportunity to read all of your inspiring work is something I’m grateful for, and I very much look forward to future posts. Anyway, just wanted to express my appreciation, and share links to my facebook and twitter accounts, should any of you wish to friend me or follow me. Thanks again. 🙂



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So with everything that’s happening with the Supreme Court on the issue of gay marriage, I felt it would be a good time to repost this. Equality for all!

An Apology to Every Gay Person in the World

This is an apology to every gay person in the world
from a disappointed and embarrassed Christian.
It’s horrible when we don’t treat you like equals.
Proving our love should be our principal mission.

It’s unfortunate we pretend to be enlightened.
How a gay person feels, only a gay person can say.
Who are we to preach homosexuality is a choice?
I sure don’t feel like I had to choose to be straight.

We claim to object out of concern for your soul,
but in a sense we’ve become the callous judge.
We have a history of outspoken intolerance and hate,
comparing your “condition” to addiction to drugs.

I’m sorry we attempt to deny you your basic human rights.
I hope you don’t reject God because of how you may perceive us.
I pray that the thoughtless actions we perform on a daily basis
won’t discourage you from wholeheartedly accepting Jesus.

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I pray we never forget the twenty beautiful children (and six adults) in Newtown, Connecticut who lost their lives one year ago today. God bless all of their souls. May they rest in peace.

The Children

with strong character and boundless radiance,
you will be remembered.

with a gentle manner and wisdom beyond your years,
you will be remembered.

with a fondness for art and exceptional curiosity,
you will be remembered.

with an innocent soul and a welcoming nature,
you will be remembered.

with a smile so bright and a vivacious spirit,
you will be remembered.

with charming confidence and a laugh like music,
you will be remembered.

with a gorgeous face and a personality to match,
you will be remembered.

with adorable freckles and a passion for animals,
you will be remembered.

with a love for athletics and a friendly disposition,
you will be remembered.

with admirable bravery and unequaled imagination,
you will be remembered.

with infectious enthusiasm and unwavering resolve,
you will be remembered.

with a peaceful air and eyes that brilliantly shine,
you will be remembered.

with a sunny demeanor and extraordinary kindness,
you will be remembered.

with honorable generosity and competitive drive,
you will be remembered.

with resolute determination and immeasurable vigor,
you will be remembered.

with a fantastic sense of humor and a caring heart,
you will be remembered.

with outstanding intellect and a fervor for horses,
you will be remembered.

with a fearless attitude and endearing inquisitiveness,
you will be remembered.

with magnificent vision and remarkable ambition,
you will be remembered.

with great creative talent and a considerate mind,
you will be remembered.

Now and forever,
you will all be missed,
you will all be remembered,
you are all much more than this.

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This poem is addressed to my sister, Alexandra, who passed away when she was only about a month and a half old. It was really difficult for me to write, but I wanted to compose a piece that captured how I felt about losing her at such a young age, but at the same time express the hopefulness I feel now about being able to see her again in heaven someday. May she rest in peace. God bless her little angelic soul.


Lying under the blue,
next to where you’re placed.
Peering into the clouds,
I’m positive I see your face.

You were too young.
I can’t make sense of it.
Why did death steal one so innocent?

Nobody had the chance to watch you grow up.
The earth was a momentary pause before your ascension.
Alexandra, you’re the most beautiful of angels.
Maybe that’s the reason it was early when God welcomed you into heaven.

A lot of time has gone by since you passed away,
yet the empty feeling of loss is still fresh,
and I know it isn’t going to completely fade.

I’m having difficulty writing something like this,
though I hope it’s good enough to put a smile on your lips.
I realize words won’t come close to doing you justice,
but my wish is that they’d at least prove how much you’re missed.

I promise you’ll always have a piece of my heart.
I’ll never forget you.
We aren’t truly apart.

I don’t have flowers to put on your grave,
so I’ll plant a dozen kisses instead.
I love you more than any poem can convey,
and I’m certain that someday we’ll meet once again.

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This particular piece is an imaginative little snapshot concerning what might happen when the end of the world finally arrives. I contemplate that topic quite often, although this was the first (and as of yet, the only) poem I wrote with it in mind. I feel like it contains a lot of interesting, vibrant imagery, and I definitely believe it stands out among my other work. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my poetry. Enjoy!

The End

Stars violently hit dry ground,
falling in great numbers.
It’s happened once before,
but nobody remembers.

Lightning is coming from the ocean,
and planets are orbiting dangerously closer.
The moon has been crumbling away,
while the sun is freezing over.

Every blade of grass has died.
Not a single one remains.
The sky is a sheet of cloud,
though it hasn’t rained in many days.

Birds don’t sing anymore.
Trees are starting to melt.
Flowers have lost all color.
Tranquility is no longer felt.

People are opening their eyes,
giving up on trying to hide the fear.
They’ve abandoned comforting lies,
for the end is finally here.

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I’ve been told on several occasions that my “relationship poems” sound very genuine, even when they’re purely fictional, so I wanted to share this one with all of you because it’s a piece I wrote that wasn’t a product of what I was experiencing at the time, but also (at least in my opinion) has an authentic feel to it. Let me know what you think of it. Comments (positive or negative) are always welcome!


Your hand doesn’t feel warm like it used to,
and I’m shivering as I let go.
I don’t want to give a thought to the meaning of it,
if only for the sake of preserving my thread of hope.

Is the light above us dimming?
Please tell me what you’re thinking.
Are we still swimming in affection,
or are we only sinking?

Your smile has lost some of its shine,
and maybe I’m to blame.
I don’t claim to be perfect.
I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Does the negative outweigh the positive?
Should I be worried about what tomorrow hides?
Are you planning an exit strategy?
Have I made you cry too many times?

You should know I’ve never hurt you intentionally,
but I realize that probably isn’t enough.
It’d be easy for you to find someone better,
so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve fallen out of love.

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This poem was written about a girl who goes to the church I used to attend, and how she won her battle with leukemia. It was really difficult to see somebody that young (I believe she was around fifteen at the time she was diagnosed) being forced to battle something so life-threatening, and it’s situations like these that will often lead to doubting the existence of a loving God, but by her incredible strength and consistently positive attitude, she was given the ability to glorify the name of the Lord through her numerous trials. She’s now cancer-free, which is absolutely wonderful! God is great, and though we may not understand His plan sometimes (or most of the time haha), we need to trust that what He’s doing is for the best, even when adversity comes into our lives.


She holds herself together with flawless continuity.
The things she’s experienced don’t show on the surface.
She says it’s all a part of His plan for her life,
and that each of those moments served a purpose.

Her strength is something to be admired.
I wonder if she knows she’s a rarity.
She treaded paths of fire,
yet never lost her sincerity.

She took on hardship with impeccable courage,
positive frame of mind still intact.
She wouldn’t let the sickness overwhelm her body,
or allow harsh treatments to hold her back.

An inspiration to the people fortunate enough to know her,
she’s everything that is lovely and pure.

Like a thriving flower in the middle of a desert,
she’s the perfect example of how faith,
rather than circumstance,
determines who we are at the end of the day.

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