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Comparison is the thief of joy, unless
you have the upper hand. And why shouldn’t you?
So go ahead, move to the other side
if you think you deserve it. And of course you do.
Think you deserve it, that is.

A knife can be a tool or a weapon, or neither.
But if it’s neither, then who
has the upper hand? Picture this: a climber
uses both and there’s no comparison
that is necessary. Both are tools.

One man’s tool is another man’s weapon. One
man’s weapon is the other’s ignorance.
You keep beating your breast until they’re sorry
enough to apologize but it’s a show
and you’re the punch line just before the laugh track.

They’re laughing but it’s not a joke to anyone
involved. One person’s laughter is another’s process
of grieving. What can be said
about comparison here? About as much
as can be said about what hasn’t happened yet.

There’s always guessing, true, but who would risk
another’s feelings on a hunch? Too many. The thief
stalks the shadow alone, following it home
and sucking the life out of every dream
until only the nightmare is left.

A dream can be a tool or a weapon, or both.
But if it’s both, then what
does that say about the sleeper? Picture this:
rising in an icy sweat. The nightmare.
No further details are necessary.

Just because something isn’t necessary
doesn’t make it less interesting. Or more. Picture,
one last time, this: rising in an icy sweat.
Does it matter if the nightmare is a dragon expelling fire
or something unidentifiable? It sure as hell does.

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