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Unoriginal Sin

The heat necessary will not
depart from my muscles and escape
through my engorged nucleus
into the cold air surrounding us.

I recognize my own inferiority,
so let me bow before you
with that bitter taste on my breath.

I’ve committed an adultery
of the mind, wondered what it’d be like
to be in her arms instead of yours.

Does that mean we’re doomed,
that I’m even less worthy of your love
than I originally thought?

So it’s off with my head
or astonishing mercy;
there can be no middle ground.


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Tension of the lustful kind, in control
and crushing, becoming
someone I don’t recognize in the glass
of the shower door, steaming.

Even under that pressure
there’s still the realization below that
it’s wrong, that it’s heresy
if I claim ignorance when I know better.

Purity is a ring on the finger of morality;
as the years wear on
its grip on the skin gets tighter
and eventually is pawned,

something of value traded in
for a paltry amount of funds in order
to extend pleasure
for another caress of the clock’s hands.

Look at me, all tension
demanding attention. Shouting from
a mole’s hill, mustard seed,
the mountain not budging an inch.

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