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Why isn’t it class warfare
when the top exploits the poor?
It’s only when we call it out
that they say it’s waging war.

The richest country in the world,
taking advantage constantly.
We can be rich and generous too,
treating people lovingly.

Republicans are not the answer,
while Democrats help them along.
A hawkish bird with two right wings
can’t fly for very long.

Won’t we trade in our apathy
for tireless compassion,
and our words on social media
for real, courageous action?

A radical love is the medicine
our diseased body cries out for.
Let’s bring about the progress
we move without a doubt toward.

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A narcissist lost to a narcissist.
Before that, corruption beat down populism,
mowed over the grassroots,
the establishment cheating only to lose.

What’s happening:
the Independent pushes for single payer,
while the proud Democrat
goes on tour, blaming others for her failure.

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My newest poem (written yesterday and recorded today) about my favorite topic, politics! Haha. 🙂 It’s called Surplus Sun, or How an Orange Buffoon Got Elected. I hope you’ll enjoy listening. ❤

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The clicking of keys, progress
from archaic grime
descendants now dissidents
fall back, remain

But don’t deign to be discouraged!
There are many marching,
the resistance
spitting in the face of bigots,
and those despising those
who reach out for assistance.

My friends and my enemies,
we all use
Whether the tongue is a gun,
the cruel heart
stirs up jealousies.

A forfeit of values,
the white flag
stained red
while little distractions
detract from
his tread.

Over and over and over
again, playing the populist role
badly, a shit businessman.
Hangover, hangover, hungover
again, the country wakes up,
the room in a tailspin.

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A Political Poem of Mine

So I don’t record rhyming poetry very often, but I recently wrote this poem entitled Sinkholes, and let me humbly say that I’m quite proud of it. It’s a political piece inspired by the mess that is the 2016 election. I hope you’ll give it a listen! Peace and love. ❤

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